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UNBOXING IDAHO: What It's Like Living in IDAHO

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Does everyone in Idaho wear denim? Does everyone in Idaho have a gun? And is everyone from California moving here? We’ll talk about that and soooo much more! So grab your hiking boots - we’re going to unbox the beautiful but slowly becoming crowded and expensive state of Idaho! Uh look at that. Another housing development going in. What do you know? Everybody wants to live in Idaho right now. All these darn out of staters are coming here by the busload these days. What was once farmland and forest is being turned into track homes and strip malls. Locals miss the days when they knew everyone in town, when getting up into the mountains took no time at all. Heck, just getting to Albertsons takes 30 minutes now. But, everything’s bound to change one day, I guess. But Idaho isn’t ALL becoming housing developments and condos and overcrowded schools and crammed roads. Not at all. At least not yet. There’s still room here. After all, it is a pretty big state. And, despite what you may have heard, there’s kind of a lot goin on here. If you’re thinking of moving here, you should get a well rounded perspective on the entire state, so you know what to expect, and where the perfect place for you is. This is Idaho. Now a good rule of thumb is - if you live in the northern part of the state you live IN the forest. If you live in the southern part of the state you live in a valley or desert, probably very close to farmland. Much of the state is public land, most of that large forested areas or desert. In fact, two thirds of Idaho is protected. You can break Idaho up into 7 different areas, generally. We’ll begin way up here in northern Idaho, which includes everything from kinda of around here north all the way up the panhandle to the Canadian border. This is a different breed. #idaho #movingtoidaho Tatiana Stancic (she’s an AMAZING Realtor!) https://

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