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Muslims won't pet my dog

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My response to my 'Muslims Won't Pet My Dog' video. https://"It's ok, he's a good dog. You can pet him if you'd like." Then they start going off telling me how it's against their religion to pet my dog and acting like I'm some terrib;e person for having a pet dog. Then they told me I was a demon thus resulting in what part of the interaction I was able to record. This has nothing to do with tolerance or any of the other BS I see in the media, these are people that literally won't pet dogs because it's against their religion and think that people who have pet dogs are demons. I was walking my dog & these people started exaggerating acting crazy bc I walked past them. I told them it was ok to pet him, that he was friendly... They tell me they can't pet him bc it's against their religion and one of them calls me a demon. I asked where she was from and she gives me an attitude. When it's against your religion to pet a dog, you really need to get out of America. Last week I asked one in Wal-Mart where they found bread.... Was told it was against their religion to talk with me...... There is no agenda here, this is real footage and a real interaction and it speaks for itself. Obviously everybody of any religion or group isn't bad but when your religion hasn't evolved to the 21st century...That's an issue and my work speaks for itself.

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