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♣ SasuSakuNaru :: I come to you in PIECES.

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~ H D . ↗ READ DESCRIPTION FOR THE MEANING OF THE VIDEO. WARNING: SasuNaru, SasuSaku & NaruSaku on the way. {{ 2nd Place in Winter/Spring AMV Contest 2011! ;; I want to dedicate this video to Uli and her grandma, who passed away couple of days ago. R.I.P. I wish I could bring her back to you. I feel like I can't put my feelings in words, so I made this video to show you how much I care. I'm right here for you, everyday, don't forget that, hun.♥ I hope you like the video, I put a lot emotion to it. :) P.S. Uli has a birthday at wednesday, remember to congratulate her! ♥ ~ + YAY vegas didn't ruin my masking.♥ ++ YAY Sasuke's face at 2:23 is my all time favourite. Keep him if you want, but that face is mine. *___* I dunno why I made this about SasuSakuNaru, it just felt right to edit with them. I'm quite satisfied how this came out, and I like that I didn't put it full of effects. :3 I hope you guys like it! LIKE OR DISLIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE THANKS, it would mean lot to me.♥ Anime: Naruto/Shippuuden Song: Pieces by RED Editor: LemonChidori Time taken: One day

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