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Teen Wolf | Shake it out

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I'm the dumbest girl ever, I lost the TW project with Cosmic Love, how bad is that? .. Gosh, I'm so pissed, the video was almost finished when it happend, and I liked that video so much .. I thought about doing that all over again, but it had like .. 4 minutes, and it was full of effects, I felt discouraged to do that again .. I'm so sorry, you guys liked the preview so much, I'm really upset :( .. Anyways, I had a bad time last week so making this video somehow made me feel better. I was really inspired so I finished it pretty quickly .. It only took me a day, pretty much that. This show give me so many feelings .. All the characters are just so amazing! You guys already now my who favorites are and the ones I don't like very much but nevertheless they're all awesome, and I tried to put some from everyone, to fit my favorite scenes on the video .. I hope it worked. Let me know what you think anyways! :) This is not the best video about Teen Wolf, clearly .. But I think it turned out nicely, and I hope you'll like it. ♥ (all info at the end) _______________________________________________________ twitter: https:///biamarques_v ask:

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