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Essam - Songs of the Crickets (Official Video)

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Though we spoke different languages I was able to interact with the locals. I learned that the body is a tongue and it speaks its own dialect. There is a perspective where individuals believe third world countries don't have much in terms of materials and revenue, but in actuality these beautiful individuals have far more than the "wealthiest" people in the world can ever attain. That is the wealth of contentment, beautiful character, and collectiveness as a community. My inspiration to create this piece, Songs of the Crickets, was to reflect, learn, and obtain aspects of the village's culture and to incorporate it into our own flawed individualistic society where we are stripped of our identity living in the West. Short history of the people: Cham Muslims 1) "Written records as well as oral testimony have led me to conclude that in 1977 the Khmer Rouge launched a policy to eliminate the Cham from Cambodia." (2) "It is estimated that prior to 1975, the Cham Muslims comprised 10 percent of Cambodia's population (roughly 700,000 of the country's 7,000,000 people). After the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime in 1979, only 200,000 ethnic Cham remained alive." The man I was raised by, who I call my father was one of the 200,000 survivors. His wife, daughter and one of two sons did not survive. If it hadn't been for his story, this video would not even exist. Poet: Essam Muhammad Social media - @masseone39 email: e.muham39@ Video director: Salem Abduhu email: salemabduhu@ Composed & produced: Ilyas Mao email: ilyasalimao@ Beatbox & Sound FX: Shazet Sounds ig: @shazetvisuals twitter: @shazetMY email: shazetsounds@

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