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Busy Railfanning afternoon at West Chicago!

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On a hot summers afternoon we spent some time at West Chicago Illinois railfanning. This is an awesome spot to fan at as the action can be nearly nonstop. First train up was a westbound Union Pacific Oil train. This train had a pair of NS SD70Ace’s second and third out behind a UP Motor with the old “We will deliver” slogan on it. Second train of the day was a meet behind the oil train. They cleared the crossing shortly after the oil train tying up the town. After the UP trains took their turn it was time for a CN Northbound. This train featured a pair of BC Rail Units on it, with the second being a cowl unit in BC Rail red white and blue paint. I used my drone on this train to get a view of the power and tower together and elevated. The action picked right back up with a crawling UP autorack train taking the cross over for the yard at slow speeds. Once again I used my drone, and it was noted that the rookie conductor was looking for “UFO’s” as he passed. This gave another interesting perspective of the tower and diamond from above. After the UP was once again done tying up the crossings a Metra inbound scoot rolled on through. Like clockwork the outbound scoot came shortly after. Another CN took its turn northbound after the outbound scoot. I took to the air again to film the slower train at another unique vantage point. Another westbound UP train came rolling by, this time an intermodal train. As the intermodal rolled by a coal train continued westbound as well with a DPU on the rear. As the coal train cleared the DPU is seen passing JB Tower. Our last UP Train for the day was another westbound train, this time being led by a very dirty GEVO and a large consist. The intermodal train passed the coal train which had stopped just west of the diamond and tower. We returned to the West Chicago Metra station where the next outbound was seen rolling under the old signal bridge. Finally our last train is seen pulling into the station, the inbound scoot which we will board makes its stop at the depot. Please rate, comment, and subscribe!

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