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The Best foods to EAT during Winter with Amy Duong

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Did you know that you should adjust your dietary choices according to the season? Especially in Winter? This is an absolute necessary factor in order for you to maintain good health! This should definitely be put into consideration EVEN when you are travelling to a different destination that is going through a cool climatic change. Why? It is because as the temperature cools, your body has to adjust to the change and this can have a BIG impact on the way it handles it. Cool weather causes your energy supply, known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as "QI" to commonly be trapped and not be able to flow properly within the body. This is because 'cold' energy contracts and causes the muscles and the body to tighten itself up. Hence this is the main reason why you become more susceptible to catching FLUs during Winter. A fantastic way to help your body cope with these changes all begins with your DIET. Your Digestive System is so important and has the responsibility of keeping your body fuelled with good nutrients in order for you to function. Without proper nutrition, the Digestive System simply won't be able to cope and with it already battling the change in the drop in temperatures already, stress on the inside of the body with cause you to not feel so well. What are the main symptoms that could lead to if you don't eat well during Winter? Overtime if you keep feeding your body with the processed and unhealthy stuff that's not suitable for your Digestive System during Winter, these are examples of the symptoms you may experience: * Diarrhoea or loose stools * Low energy levels * Sensitivity to the cold * No drive to do anything * Swelling of the limbs * Loss of appetite * Stomach aches, pains and cramps Find out more information about the suggested food choices that are going to help you through winter not only where you live but also if you do plan to travel on holiday to a cooler destination.

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