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The Ghosts and Demons Of Bobby Mackey’s

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Is this haunted bar a gateway to the underworld? Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedBlue! (https://) STILLS Smoke and Fog background Gun2becontinued/Thinkstock Face silhouettes anna42f/Thinkstock stamp 'Evidence' pepifoto/Thinkstock Man in a suit walking down a hallway in black and white naffnaff/Thinkstock Mag Glass fatido/Thinkstock Open phonebook VukasS/Thinkstock Blank Certificate of Death, fill in your information Johnrob/Thinkstock Room in the Mariinskaya Hospital where Fyodor Kokoshkin was murdered, Petrograd, Russia, 1918. Heritage Images /Getty Images Monk upheaval/Getty Images Culture Josef F. Stuefer/Getty Images Demon mask DimaChe/Getty Images Bloody Scalpel Joseph Clark/Getty Images Crime thumbprint illustration Tacoma News Tribune/Getty Images Close up of stressed businessman Caiaimage/Chris Ryan/Getty Images Dog Outside Abandoned Factory Hal Bergman/Getty Images Kirlian photograph of an abstract shadow Natasha Seery/Getty Images kitchen in restaurant Blaise Haywardvv/Getty Images Exorcist with burning bible Arman Zhenikeyev/Getty Images ILLUSTRATION: Identify theft Contra Costa Times/Getty Images Dillinger's Gun FPG/Getty Images A 'Deed Eric Anthony Johnson/Getty Images Quality Courts United Motel Aladdin Color Inc/Getty Images The Kray Gang On Screen Richard Blanshard/Getty Images outback shed David Trood/Getty Images USA, New York City, police car SuperStock/Getty Images the `slaughter cattle ivan-96/Getty Images Exterior view of horse racing, bingo, an Hans Wild/Getty Images Blackwater Well majordesigns/Getty Images Talk to the Wall klosfoto/Getty Images Concrete Well KeithBinns/Getty Images Noose hanging against black background David McGlynn/Getty Images Wooden cross with the figure of Jesus Christ, wooden handled brass bell Philip Gatward/Getty Images Holiday Finery Paul Martin/Getty Images Paddling Paul Martin/Getty Images grunge background with smoke in shape of skull pbombaert/Getty Images Still life of a bottle of poison Tetra Images/Getty Images Vogue 1940 Horst P. Horst /Getty Images Studio portrait of serious gangster Image Source/Getty Images Pigs hanging in the slaughter-house Pinto/Getty Images A man playing the slot machines Ralph Morse/Getty Images Dentist Fototeca Gilardi/Getty Images Roulette Players Arthur Rothstein/Getty Images Boy Gangster Charles Hewitt/Getty Images Jake Freedman, owner of Sands Hotel, sporting fancy cowboy outfit at the roulette table at his establishment Loomis Dean/Getty Images Created by https://

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