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Lolena ; | I Wouldn't Change a Thing.| ♥

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[[READ OR YOU'LL BE CONFUSED!!]] I had to upload this three times so I really hope you like it! ~~~ I've been wanting to make a Lolena video and I did :) Yay! I actually had fun making this but rendering was confusing. It seemed like three hours but more two. I don't know, I ended up falling asleep half through. it's like 7:30 in the morning. Yup. I stayed up all night. AGAIN. Getting back into that routine... Anyways, I'll shut up. P L O T : / / In the beginning, Selena and Logan were fighting over stupidity. She saw him hang out with more than one girl and probably got to close for it to be a friendly gesture. Her trust grew weak on him and she confronts him on it. Telling him she knew about his promixity plus his small flirty comments he's made to them and number of girls he's hung out with - which grew into a big fight - that leads up to their break up. Four Years Have Passed and the two had gone separate ways, but always held onto those oh so sweet memories. First you see Selena's flashbacks. Where she and Logan tripped over to paris and she waved at him. Saying (no audio or letters in video) "I love you!" And than of the first real hug they ever shared before they became an item. And then you see Logan on his balcony and we enter his flashbacks of the lovey couple. The first memories when they very first met. It was in a party - of all places and all girls - She caught his eye. Snatched his heart when she said, "Hello" when he walked up to her. The next one is when Logan for the very first time - still friends with her. Tells her he loves her. Shocking her to only say "What?" Now, we're back in the present time. Selena's running down the dark streets because she was thirty minutes late for her shift at work - when she almost gets hit. It's her lucky night. Because Logan was strolling around, thinking of all memories when he saw her. He had saved her and brought her to his house because it wasn't to far. They didn't exchange words until the next day when they were outside by the lake, watching the water as they talk and relieve their past and memories, discuss over their last fight they had. As the night rounds the corner. Selena tells him she never wants to lose him again and that she loves him. He recovered from the sudden burst and replied "I love you too, Selena." And they live happily ever after! :) ~~ Hahaha, very weird plot huh? But after I got done writing my collab episode. Call My Heart 2x08. I got this idea. Just - without the dead part. I really hope you guys enjoyed! A/N : I don't own the manips. They own to they're rightful owners. Most are from TheManipChannel - well from where I got it. But I don't know if it's all of them. I think it is, but if not. Still own to the rightful owner! one more thing, I'm sorry about the song near the end. It interrupts the other song but it was up higher so you guys could be able to hear them talking.

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