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UK is leaving Euratom - why?

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Leaving Euratom... When Theresa May triggered Article 50, the letter also declared we were triggering Article 106 of Euratom, meaning we were leaving the 60-year-old treaty on nuclear materials, safety & research... why? Yes, it's a legal technicality... but there has been no legal ruling on it, no demand from the EU and not even any desire from the UK nuclear community. It's not even a clear interpretation. The Government just jumped in without a proper risk assessment and now we have two years to sort out a mess that might take 4 years. The uncertainty is killer and it could have been avoided. Here is the best update I can give so far.. Follow "Scientists for EU" on Facebook, G+ and Twitter (@Scientists4EU), subscribe to our YouTube channel - and see our website (scientistsforeu.uk)

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