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THE LAST NOOB - A Fortnite Short Film

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If you enjoyed this Fortnite Short, please comment telling us what you'd like to see next! Don't forget to like, comment, subscribe and share to show your support for this channel! •Shootzki - (aka The Defualt Skin) is wandering along when he comes across Tomatohead and Leviathan. Tomatohead and Leviathan are unsure of what to make of Steve (aka The Noob Skin). Does Steve (aka The Noob Skin) know that he is the last noob? Should they tell him? Poor little noob, Steve (aka The Noob Skin) doesn’t even know that he is the last of his kind. Steve meets up with Tachael5 (aka Teknique), atop her new house. Rachael5 (aka Teknique) sat her sofa down and is now enjoying her beautiful view. Can you believe that the bank foreclosed on this open extreme concept, house? Where did Rachael5 (aka Teknique) get the money for this house? There are no banks in Fortnite! Steve realises that Rachael5 (aka Teknique) must have been dealing with Sash Sergeant again! Steve and Rachael5 decide to pay Sash Sergeant a visit. Once at Sash Sergeant’s Lonely Lodge, Steve demands that Sash Sergeant gives Rachael5 her full refund for her house. Before they could get to specifics though, Sash Sergeant is taken aback by Steve’s noobiness. Why doesn’t Steve have a skin? Didn’t Steve get a skin on free skin day? Steve had no idea that this happened! Though, Steve is determined to get his free skin, or atleast find another noob! Is Steve really the last noob ever in Fortnite? Will Steve be able to find a skin so that he isn’t a noob anymore? What happened to Veronica? Is she still a noob too? Will Omega or Raven be able to help? Watch this episode of Fortnite Adventures to find out!

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