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Empowerment Nights Promo

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::::::::::::::::::::::::::::COME AND JOIN ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Worship Ministers Dayo Bello; Wole Awolola; Ashley'king Cole ; Obert Mazivisa and many more with Teaching Sessions from James Aladiran (Prayer Storm); Juanita Francis(Ruach); Seth Pinnock (Midnight Oil); Jonathan Hulton (GodTV); Pastor-Shirleena Blackwood and many more. These nights aim to empower, equip, bring hope, and strength to those that attend. His presence will be overwhelming in Jesus name! It is time fulfil the Kingdom Mandate. Come early to make sure you get a seat, ministers seats also available please notify us before hand to avoid disappointment. YOUR TIME IS NOW! DON'T MISS THIS Contact for more info: 07769874254 The DATES ARE AS FOLLOWS: June 6th, July 4th, Aug 8th, Sept 5th, Oct 3rd, Oct 31st

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