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♥•Love At First Sight•♥ Justin Bieber Love Story. Episode 4

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Hey! This is Cassie,I'm writing this really early. It's like 10:00 ! :P Haha. So yeah,Here I go. Hope ya like it,I'ma shut up now. Hannah:Come on Britt,Show me some of yo' moves. Britt:Fineee! ~Does alot of tricks on skateboard~ (Her outfit : ) Hannah:Whoooo! You go girl! Britt:~Giggles~ Now show me some of yours. Hannah:Okay. ~Gets on skateboard and does alot of tricks~ (Her outfit : ) Britt:~Laughs~ Awe- UGH!! WHAT'S HE DOING HERE?! Hannah:Huh? ~Looks up~ A(Doorbell rings) I'll get it. ~Opens door~ Oh god,What do you want? POV - Oh my God,He looks gorgeous! No no,Shut up Brittany,You don't like a guy who gets everything handed to him. -- Justin:I wanted to hang out.. If that's okay. ~Smiles~ Brittany:Of course it's not okay! Justin:HANNAH!! Hannah:Justin! Hey,Sup,Oh my god. You look extremely good-looking right now. Justin:Thanks. ~Laughs~ Hannah:Come on in,Britt. Stop being rude. Britt:Enjoy your company. ~Goes upstairs in bedroom and Wants to paint something~ Hm... What should I paint... Perhaps Chloe ? (Her puppy) Or.. My mom... JUSTIN! He'd be perfect... But,I was so rude to him. Why would he let me paint him? Justin:I'm gonna see if Brittanys okay. ~Goes upstairs~ Brittany:~Gasps~ Don't scare me like that! Justin:Sorry.. Wow.. Your bedroom is so colorful and artistic. Brittany:Yeah,I love to paint. Justin:That's awesome.. Your really good. Brittany:Thanks.. I need to paint something for Art class in school,But I don't know anything I could paint that'd get me an A. Justin:You could paint me if you want. Brittany:Are you sure? I was really rude to you earlier... Justin:Eh.. I get that alot,Of course I'm sure. ~Chuckles & Sits down~ Brittany:I'm gonna draw you instead. Justin:Okay. ~Smiles nicely for the project~ Brittany:~Giggles & Starts drawing~ [3 hours later] Justin:Oh my god,That's awesome Britt! Britt:Really? Thanks! ( ) Justin:Yeah,Totally amazing. ~Laughs and puts arm around her still looking at it~ Britt:~Blushes slightly~ Enough lookinggg! ~Puts it up~ That's where I'm leaving you,Jahieza!! ;) Enjoyyyy! I hope everyone that reads this like's it. I didn't think it was that good but hey,I tried. Comment,Sub.

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