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13 DARK SECRETS From The Cast Of That 70’s Show!

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Strange secret facts from the cast of That 70’s Show! From Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis first kiss to characters Mitch Hedberg and Tommy Chong we look at dark hidden secrets 13. Forgotten Pals- When Ashton Kutcher co-hosted “Live with Kelly” he was eager to interviewing his former co-star and friend Laura Prepon as well as yelling at her too. When the actress got engaged to Ben Foster, he found out through the news citing it was weird since the two were friends. When she came out, they exchanged hugs in which the actor whispered, “I am soo pissed at you.” He went on to say “Pre, this is unacceptable.” Prepon told him, “ I know, but if anyone understands privacy, it’s you.” While he commented that private lives include friends, both were equally shocked at each other engagements including when Kunis and Kutcher got together, since she didn’t know they were an item. 12. Mila Kunis- It’s hard to imagine anyone else playing the sassy and witty Jackie Burkhart on the beloved show. But if it wasn’t for Kunis lying about her age to nab the iconic role, we might have had a different actress. Kunis was only fourteen years old at the time when auditioned for the role of Jackie Burkhart. Initially, producers didn’t want to cast any minors because it would result in some limitations in the filming schedule. Kunis revealed to People Magazine that when producers had asked about her age, she told them she would be eighteen on her birthday but didn’t tell what year. Pretty clever. Ultimately the role went to her in the end! 11. Lisa Robin Kelly’s downward spiral- Nobody played Eric’s manipulative and smart mouthed older sister better than Lisa Robin Kelly. Even though Kelly was in her thirties, she did a fantastic job playing a 20-year-old college dropout with comical remarks and snarky jokes. She rose to fame while on the show, but throughout the years she faced some battles that landed her in hot water. She first gained drinking problems that led to two DUI’s and an assault charge. Despite the show trying to help her recover, she was terminated and was replaced by actress Christina Moore. Unfortunately, her ongoing battle with substance abuse took over her life. During that time she revealed she lost her baby. In 2013, she died in her sleep a few days at the Pax Rehab House from an accidental intoxication. 10. First Kiss- Back in 2001, the actress told People magazine that her first kiss was with fellow co-star Ashton Kutcher. To make thing worse, the two were strangers on the set but admitted she did have a crush on the Kutcher, who was once a male model. She revealed that at the time she felt uncomfortable and nervous. But stated that Kutcher was fun and broke the tension by giving her funny compliments and making her laugh. However, Kutcher was also nervous and responded back in 2001 that he had no idea he was her first kiss. He admitted that he had butterflies as well. Practice does make perfect since the pair would go on to make plenty of more on-screen kisses!

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