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(Ayo?) Anti - Emazing Gloveset Light Show []

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Get this classic set here: (AYO?) Anti his very own featured glove set. He rocked our world, and apparently hundreds of thousands of others. Check out this classic blast from the past. Original Text: Introducing (AYO?) Anti! This guy wowed everyone so much at FNL 11-19 that we had him demonstrate how to use the new Emazing Glove Set! Orange-White bulbs fit the EmazingLights look so perfectly and these bulbs are simply...Emazing :) These super bright bulbs give off the perfect shades of orange and white and are sure to wow any viewer :) 8 x OrangeWhite 2c Strobe Dotz Anti added in 2 PiYB 6 mode maxlights for his thumbs

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