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Maximum Possible POISE in Dark Souls 3?

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About time we had some USELESS DATA! So what is the highest poise possible, and does it do anything differently at such amounts? Or will this be more useless that normal? LET'S FIND OUT EH? ----- EXPECTED MAX POISE ------- + 37.5 Poise = Havel's Set Poise (EDIT- With Smoughs Gauntlets) + 45 = Yhorm Shield One + 45 = Yhorm Shield Two + 20 = Wolf Ring+2 + ? = Iron flesh = 147.5 POISE! ----WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENS ----- + 32.89 Poise = Havel's Poise (EDIT- With Smoughs Gauntlets) + 30.2 = Yhorm Shield One + 16.61 = Yhorm Shield Two + 4.06 = Wolf Ring +2 = 83.76 POISE! ---WHAT REALLY REALLY HAPPENS--- + what ever you want = ZERO POISE EDIT- My bad, Smough's Gauntlets give 4.1 poise rather than the 3.9 Havel's give. Looking back I had even wrote that down. Could this video get any more useless? Many thanks TheNintendoProducts for pointing this out! EDIT EDIT- After redoing the sums, the Smough Gauntlet gives us an extra 0.03 MORE POISE! kek So what did we find out? Poise suffers from diminishing returns. It would be pretty easy to calculate the decline on a chart if it wasn't for the Poise giving Weapons (since Havel breaks the softcap but a single Yhorm doesn't, unless the 45 from Yhorms takes this into account, who cares either way). But either way I can't be bothered considering "Poise" does not function as Poise as it did in other games. But many brave souls are still looking into what poise might do. I'll leave a link below and in the video to the most up to date source that we have so far. https://

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