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Jump in the cacc -Meme ( Happy Birthday AJ Animations! ) - flipaclip

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Hey everyone I'm sorry I haven't been posting much I was working on two videos at once haha xp I'm kind of working a lot of things right now and I'm pretty busy too :0 I'll try to get as much stuff out as possible.... AND I'll be hosting a map pretty soon too maybe in a week or so I hope you guys want to join lol HAPPY BDAY JASON AAAA YOU ARE BECOMING A OLD BOI before you know it you're going to be driving car :"DDD Okay so this meme is really random and I don't know what's happening exactly in it XD I guess AJ shoots qwerts... and they go on a shopping spree???? Then AJ gets some pizza then qwerts tries to eat it??????? And they freaking drive off into the sunset on a motorcycle XD idk For aj animations --- OKAY JASON I CAN EXPLAIN XD I'm so sorry I didn't post this yesterday aaaaaaaaa I was busy so I couldn't talk, animated or anything aaaa I'm gunna go jump into the void D": Pppffff yes it's 3AM but it's worth it XD I had to get this done for uuuuu I know it looks like crap but I hope u like it :") Okay time for the sappy stuff ○_○ First of you are the best friend EVER I can't imagine my life without you :/ aaa and from the moment we met, I knew that we were going to be good friends. I’m so glad I was right :) because you are so nice, honest, caring, funny, smart... just overall amazing XP even if you don't think so you're gunna have to believe me. And no one else gets me quite like you do. You’re awesome Jason!!!!!! ....... after meeting you i truly believe that everything happens for a reason and it's not just coincidence....thank you for being my friend ^^ Here is aj's channel ^^ https://

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