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Jimmy Fallon’s Empire Spoof ‘Jimpire’ is Oscar Worthy

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The Mindy Project season 4 is out now exclusively on Hulu! Head over to "business-savvy-yet-moody show producer," Andre. But then a fourth option shows up: Steve Higgins, now known as "Higgy" clearly inspired by Cookie. He gets Questlove and Tariq to combine efforts on a rap that leaves us all impressed proving that he deserves 50 percent of the biz. But Jimmy has other thoughts… Oh God what’s the secret?! We’ll find out soon but after Jimmy calls Higgy an ass, he says, “I’m not an ass. THIS is an ass!” flashing those gorgeous cheeks of his. Later, Terrence Howard makes a cameo, warning Jimmy not to spoof Empire. Then Questlove reveals his big secret he was hiding… He’s bald! Then Cookie shows up and puts Higgy in his place. But the finale is the best. Because everything is more ridiculous when you add Donald Trump to the mix. So did you love the twist ending? How awesome was Jimmy’s take on Luscious?! Comment below or tweet me all your opinions @Miriamisa. Browse my personal instagram pics @Miriam_Isa, but before you do that- laugh some more with our newest episode of Totally Clevver, where we get regular people to see hidden meaning in celebrity hair inkblots. Click here for that. I’m Miriam Isa thankful for all your love and support. And see you guys soon! For More Clevver Visit: Website:

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