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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Love Story || Episode 52

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A few days later, I took Selena to the park. Today, I was going to teach her how to rollerblade. Even though I don't know how myself. Drew was with Mrs. Dabney, so it was just me and Selena today. Selena and I sat down on a bench, putting on our rollerblades. So wasn't in her wheel chair today, I know she should be, but since we're rollerblading it'd be kinda hard to do in a wheel chair. I stood up; "Ready?" I ask. Selena nodded, standing up as well. I took Selena's hand in mind and slowly, we begun to move. "Scared?" I ask. "Kinda, but you're here, so there's really nothing to be scared of," she says, glancing up at me, then back at her feet. I smile, even though she's not looking at me. We skated down the side walk at the park, hand in hand, not really talking, just enjoying each other's company. We were doing good for about seven minutes, that's when Selena hit a rock and started falling. She held onto me tighter, causing me to lose my balance too. Next thing I knew we were on the ground. Me on top of her. Selena starts giggling, "Y'know, I'd so do you right now if there wasn't so many people around" I say, then wink at her. This makes her giggle even more. "I'd like that very much, but I'm kinda tired." Selena says. "Well, how about we get up, take these blessed things off and go get some ice cream." "It's a date!" I laugh, getting up off Selena then helping her up. --- "So what's then next thing you're planning?" Selena says as we are sitting down in DQ, eating our ice cream. "Well," I take a spoon full of the banana split that we share, "that's a surprise." "Awe, that's no far!" Selena pouts, sitting back in her seat and crossing her arm. "Now, now, eat your ice cream like a good girl," Selena didn't move, just sat there still pouting. I got out of my seat and sat over on the other side of the booth with her. "Here," I say, scooping up some ice cream on her spoon and about to feed her. But she wouldn't open her mouth. "Chucha chucha chucha" (A/N: pretend that's train sounds, haha) a small smile crept upon her face, but she tried to hide it. "C'mon," I say. she just shook her head. "But you love ice cream," nothing. "Even more that me sometimes," I added. I give up. I lay the spoon back down and sigh, looking down. "I don't love you more than ice cream," Selena says, I look up at her. "Well, some days I might." I giggled at her. I put my arm around her and kissed her cheek. Selena giggled and took her spoon, getting some more ice cream. ---------------------------------------- Not the best i know, but i'll be posting another one soon ! and i know it's kinda short, but i couldn't come up with anything else for this episode. Anyways, hope yous like it! :)

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