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❀ People Who Deserve More Attention ❀

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Since I'm too shitty to edit myself I decided to take others' videos instead ((; No but seriously, there are so many incredibly, talented (& unnoticed) editors out there that I just had to make this video. These are my personal favorite of them and I hope you'll take a look on their channels too because they seriously deserve so much more attention! I chose these people because of their edit skills and because they're really great people themselves c; Before you go complain 'they already have 500+, they're not underrated', that's not the meaning of this video. In my opinion these people have too little attention compared to their level of fucking incrediblyness. Thank you. And sorry if I didn't show your whole video, but next to the fact that it would take too long it also didn't feel right to show the whole video on my channel while I don't own any of it. If I forgot anyone I swear to god- _______________________________________________________________ ❀ coonsinyz (honestly it took me so much time to choose my favorite because they're all so freaking amazing and I just can't, underrated as hell): ▸ https://(I think I know her since she joined my MEP and damn I'm so happy I found out about your channel!): ▸ https://(This biatch improved so infuckingcredibly fast, she still deserves so much more attention! Also, I love you❤): ▸ https://(This person has such an unique and wonderful style, just check her out!!q1!!1!): ▸ https://(She's improving so fast too! She's always smooth and I love all of her vid's ♥): ▸ https://(I think I know her because she joined my Fly Away MEP, and I've been in love with her style ever since. She always suprises me again with every video and GOD she still deserves so much more attention): ▸ https://(This person isn't only hella talented, she's also the most caring person I know. She's always there for people and I'm just so glad I've got to meet you Nim❤): ▸ SSO: https://(I know she's already a famous biatch but lmao SHE STILL DESERVES MORE OK. En nog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag die al geweest is. Als ik niet zo slecht was met verjaardagen had ik iets voor je gemaakt. Ik voel me zo schuldig lmao fuck me) ▸ https://(This bitch is hella talented and she deserves the fucking world. kbye. I luf joe❤): ▸ https://(wrote your name wrong, link doesn't work, etc.). I'd really appreciate it!

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