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*Love At First Sight* Justin Bieber Love Story Episode 42

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EPISODE 42 -with Selena and Ryan getting ready for Selena: babe? Ryan: yes? Selena: how long does it take for a boy to get ready in the morning? Jeez! Do I have to put a red pepper in your ass to make you run? Weirdooo.. Ryan: ofcoooouuuurrrrrrseeee noooooooottttttttt *slow motion voice and walking* Selena: ryan? You serious? Ryan: just joking! What you have? Your period? Selena: whys that? Ryan: cuz your acting like an old wrinkled pie who is hitting people with her purse.. Selena: you wished you never said that *steps on the bed and jumps on his neck hitting his head* Ryan: selena! Stop it! Omg and then you sad I was a weirdo? Look whos it now! Selena: *gets down* sorry *laughs* I always wanted to do that by someone and your head seemed perfect for it! Now be quick! *runs out the room* -with you and Justin walking to Selenas house- Justin: what are we gonna do there? You: I don't know we always see that when we are there! Justin: we aren't going to girly girly shop right? You: maybe? Maybe not! Justin: and why are we even walking while we have a car? You: because I wanted to. I should go do a sport again Justin: *laughs* you sporting? Really? You: what? You wanna say I cant work out? Justin: I didn't say that but I don't see that you and working out You: oh really? Justin: yes really! You: *starts running* catch me if you can! Justin: no problem! *starts running after you You: *runs faster but trips* Justin: oh shit *gasps* _____ you alright? You: yeah im ok I guess, only planed my knee, nothing bad *smiles and justin helps you up* Justin: *relieved* good lets walk and not run. The baby could've been hurt You: not from falling on my knees Justin: yeah but still! You: im fine Justin Justin: hey it only shows that I care! You: and I know you do that *stops walking and kisses Justin* Stranger: hey we have got rooms for that! *annoyed* Justin: sorry sir! You&Justin: aaaawkwaaaaard You: like very Justin: common *takes your hand and walks further* -during that time with Selena and Ryan- Ryan: *playing videogames* Selena: are you addicted to playing games Ry? *flops down on the couch* Ryan: no why *still playing* Selena: just asking *stands up and walks to the tv and stands for the tv so Ryan couldn't play anymore* Ryan: HEY! MOVE! Selena: *walks away laughing* yep definitely addicted *doorbell rings* Selena: that should be them *opens the door* come on in guys! You: hi sweetie *hugs selena* Selena: hey love, come with me we gotta talk, like girl talk You: oh boy *you and selena walk to the garden* Justin: dude! *handshake with Ryan* what ya doing bro? Ryan: just playing a new videogame, wanna join? Justin: of course! *taps him on his back and gets the controller* -with you and Selena- You: so whats so important you wanna make girl talk of it? Selena: well this morning Ryan made me think You: think about what? Selena: this morning Ryan and I were fooling around like little children, and he said why are you so grumpy blah blah are you having your period You: woopsafloops Selena: yeah what you say. So I started thinking about when I last had my period and found out that I didn't had my period this month You: so you might be preggers? Selena: I could be, im totally freaking out in my mind! You: just relax. Like it wouldn't be a complete disaster right? Look at Justin and me with Josie Selena: I know I would love to have that too, I told you but yeah dunno You: you know what? We are going to the mall to get a pregnancy test *gets up with Selena* come on! *you and Selena walk in* You: guys we are back for a bit! Selena: bye! *shuts the door* THE END 7 COMMENTS TIL NEXT ONE

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